Juan Pablo Davico. Technology. "Colonization of the sea". "Colonization of the oceans". Tecnología. "Colonización del mar". "Colonización de los océanos".

Systems for the use of marine resources:



The development of these technologies for the profitable and sustainable use of marine resources is intended to solve the problems that arise in the face of:

    - Overpopulation.

  - Excessive pollution (being the climate change, produced by excessive contamination with greenhouse gases, just one example).

    - Relative extinction of resources...

Problems observed and defined in the “Global 2000 Report” (report ordered by the Carter administration in 1980 and sponsored by the State Department and the Council on Environmental Quality); the report of the Nobel Price in Economy Wassily Leontief (published in Scientific American in 1980); the report of Zucker and Goeller (published in Science in 1984) and similar reports as “The Limits of Growth” (made by M.I.T. and economists and businessmen in 1972). 



Investor, if you already handle those texts and already corroborated it by the current data (we are in a scenario similar to the application of new techniques to recover and extract similar resources, so please analyze the pollution of the oceans, atmosphere, earth and groundwater; it is also interesting for example to see Leontief's projections on what would occur with "terrorism since the year 2000"), to evaluate the remaining risks you need to know the other variables. For that, simply contact. Also, to avoid unnecessary readings, please clarify which is your area of interest:

     - Capture of atmospheric CO2. (These technologies are designed for capture and contain greenhouse gases accumulated in the atmosphere, at a global level, at a high rate, by means of relatively low cost structures, configured to be mass produced at relatively high speed to reach the target before passing the absolute no-return line). 

     - Foods.

     - Clean fuels.

     - Electricity.

     - Biotechnological products.

     - Minerals.

     - Habitats.

     - General information / other applications.


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